Why We Are Entering an NFT Bull Market

The market signals, metrics, and the breakdown of what I think Will Trigger an NFT Bull Market.

Morgan Taylor Sarkissian



OpenSea Volume Per User:

Has increased From June 13 — July 17

Avg. Per User:

  • June 13th: 0.91 ETH Daily
  • July 17th 5.27 ETH

NFTs Sold Per User

During the Bear, the average user sold 2 NFTs a day, and that number has cut in half to 1 NFT a day

30D Profit & Loss

The 30-day Profit Loss Metrics are becoming more neutral, these metrics have increased since posting this article

The Market Sediment Index

The Market Sediment Index (experimental NFTgo) calculated on volatility, trading volume, social media, and google trends. I have been seeing a slow increase Daily. It is now at a 32 whereas before it was in the 20 range out of 100. Has increased to a 33, after writing this.

Blue Chip Index

Blue Chip Index is slowly Rising people that sold are dropping into other projects

Market Cap and Volume

In the past 7 days, we are up 3.55% in Market Cap

Volume is also up 3.65%



Morgan Taylor Sarkissian

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