Why Centralization is Going to have to Coexist with NFTs and in WEB3

Morgan Taylor Sarkissian
4 min readJun 28, 2022

Everyone is constantly talking about decentralization, but do you truly think the world is ready for true decentralization? Focus on what’s building and where the opportunity is. Web3 is now incorporating community into projects, giving a voice and being finally heard.

There is nothing we can do about VCs coming in. Money will enter into this space whether we like it or not. We just need to focus on what it means to be a community and never change our values and beliefs about why we joined NFTs, to begin with…

Sorry to disappoint. Nothing happens overnight. Greatness takes time. We want it to. Why? Because when did rushing anything lead to something good or something that works well?

Think about it, all the platforms we currently use to buy NFTs are centralized. Except for MetaMask (as of now). Etherscan chat is not even decentralized. They use “Blockscan Chat,” an instant messaging service where messages are encrypted and transferred over SSL.

The messages we send on Etherscan are not currently end-to-end encrypted. But, this is something they’re looking into. So they save it on something. So it’s really not decentralized. We need these services now if we want things to continue to build, decentralization later.

So how can we become more decentralized, and what does that look like?

Decentralization is a very powerful word. The reason why is because everything we use cannot be in control of something.

Bitcoin is truly decentralized because it was just sent into the world, and then it was up to the world to bring it in.

What needs to happen to become decentralized?

Until centralized exchanges no longer exist and Bitcoin is not pinned by the dollar/ debunked from traditional markets (goes with the NASDAQ and those are traditional markets) and becomes more like “gold,” complete decentralization is impossible.

Until then, we ride the wave for the next 4–5 + years, maybe 10 + years.

My message to Ethereum maxis is that:

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