The Day I Realized I Was Different — The Spelling Test

Morgan Taylor Sarkissian
6 min readOct 30, 2022

A very detailed story of my mind and the day I learned I was different. This is a story if you want to learn about what it feels like to have ADHD

The moment I learned that I was different, my life transformed in front of my eyes. I have to live with my disability. A huge problem for me is learning. Restlessness plus a desk always ended up being a disaster. The worst of it is I wanted to learn so badly. I always wondered what it could feel like to be considered “standard” in society. I craved knowledge that was unbearable to consume. While Attention deficit hyper disorder (ADHD) may seem controversial to many on whether it is real or not, in reality, it does exist it surrounds my life.

Let me explain it to you…

My Mind is a Constant Ticking Bomb About to Explode

I sat facing my long wooden, finely cut table. My restlessness became unbearable. I could hear and see everything, I felt like Cat Woman. I got so frustrated with myself that I began to break down by tapping my foot and moving my body from side to side.

“Take a deep breath, Morgan,” I say to myself.

I exhaled, then inhaled to relax my body. While trying to keep my body still, my heart starts to palpitate, and my body shrieks with anxiousness.

My mom is trying to help me study. She knows I have trouble in school.

“I guess tonight is a chance to prove something,” I thought.

She gave me words I wrote them down at first, then I told her the meaning. We did it for hours. Homework always consisted of breaks.

After hours of studying with my mom, I successfully studied all 50 words.

I inhaled deeply.

I couldn’t resist this sudden urge, I exploded… all my strength and power unintentionally burst out of my pores and spun a bolt of electricity throughout my veins.

I jumped out of my raggedy wooden seat, accidentally swinging it across the dining room. I flailed my body around the swung chair that was lying sideways on the red rug placed on top of my…

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