My Perception on the Shift of Web3 and How Web3 Impacted My Life

Morgan Taylor Sarkissian
6 min readMay 5, 2023

This was written during the parabolic move of $pepe it’s currently almost at 1 billion market cap. My story started with the parabolic move of Dogecoin. It doesn’t end here.

DOGE vibes were not the same as PEPE vibes

(Ps. I started with this title first to start my Twitter thread and because of people’s reactions I changed it)

Perhaps it was the state of the market, or because people knew who the creator was, or because of the notorious Dogecoin slogan “Do Good Every Day.” Who knows…


This little essay I am about to write are about a few things that I would love for people to remember, while also giving me the opportunity to talk about my perception on the shift of Web3, and a bit about myself.

The Beginning of Web3 for Me

Back when I re-joined Twitter, I had about 100 followers. I rejoined because of Dogecoin/meme stocks (don’t get me started with the whole AMC thing 😂) I stayed because of the positive vibes, what I learned about web3, and continued to stay because of the friendships I made along the way.

About me



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